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6 Steps Only to Go into Your Favored University

Select A Course

Before applying, the most important thing to do is to select a course and a university.

  • If you have decided where and what to study, you can freely go to the next step.
  • If not, you are warmly welcome to contact CECSC consultants who have extensive experience in this aspect. They will help you to select an ideal course according to your interests, career goal, financial budget and other relative factors.


Contact Consultants



To apply for your desired university, you can contact CECSC international student office to get the forms and document list.

CECSC will take care of all the application procedure. Once the student's documents are submitted to the university, CECSC will keep the student posted of the update of application.

Advantages to Apply through CECSC:

  • Fast & Easy & Convenient
  • Avoid misunderstanding of universities' requirements in Chinese
  • High rate of admission

Get Results

After verification by the university, the "Application form for visa in China" (JW202) and "Notice of admission", will be given to the qualified students.

CECSC will deliver documents to qualified students as soon as possible.

If the student's application is rejected by the university, CECSC will help students to adjust their application plan and apply for another university.

CECSC will be with you the whole way.

Pre-departure Preparations

  1. With JW202 and "Notice of admission", the student can apply for the study visa in China (X Visa) from the embassy or the consulate of China.
  2. Students can book accommodation & air tickets, change money and prepare luggage.

If the student needs air-port service, please inform CECSC international student office in advance.


Report to the University International Students1351734678898 Office with JW202 form and "Notice of Admission" to register and pay the tuition fee according to the date indicated on the "Notice of Admission". If for any special reason, students can't do the registration within the claimed date, please contact the CECSC International Students Office in advance. Students can delay their registration if permitted.

Start Studying

Congratulations !!!

From today, you will start your study in college. The bright future is right ahead of you. Your efforts and perseverance will take you to your destination. Let's explode all the opportunities and possibilities together.


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