Hubei University of Medicine

Attribute: Public University
Year Founded:196
Started Semester: September



Hubei University of Medicine (HUM) was founded as Wuhan Medical College, Yunyang School in November 1965 and renamed Tongji Medical University, Yunyang Medical College in 1986. In 1994, HUM was independently instituted as Yunyang Medical College under the Approval of the State Education Commission. In 1996, Yunyang Medical College passed the National Undergraduate Teaching Quality Assessment (TQA) an accreditation organized by the State Education Commission. In 2006 Yunyang Medical College was evaluated as “Excellent” in the TQA conducted by the Ministry of Education. In 2010, Yunyang Medical College was renamed Hubei University of Medicine under the approval of Hubei Provincial Government and the Ministry of Education. In 2012, HUM was authorized by the State Council to be qualified of granting Master’s Degrees as well as to enroll international students. After 50 years development, HUM is becoming the premier medical university located in the joint area of central China and west China, the adjacent area of Hubei, Chongqing, Shanxi and Henan province, where the population is around 26,000,000.



HUM’s campus covers 1,175,400 square meters, of which 390,000 square meters are for teaching and administration. The fixed assets amount to 2.683 billion RMB, with the teaching and research facilities making up 455 million RMB in assets. The HUM library has a collection of 840,000 volumes. The campus network is the only node for the China Education and Research network (CERNET) in the northwest of Hubei Province.

HUM has 908 full-time faculty, of which 180 are professors and 277 associate professors. The HUM staff holds 714 post-bachloret degrees. HUM has 3 Experts of Provincial “100 Scientific and Technological Talents Plan”, 1 researcher from the Provincial “111 Project”, 11 Chutian Scholars, 36 experts with the State Council or the Provincial Government Special Allowance, 45 experts with the title of Provincial or Municipal Outstanding Contributor, and 68 Provincial or Municipal Research Leaders. The University has appointed over 70 distinguished scholars and experts as Honorary Professors, Visiting Professors, Special Professors or Chief Research Leaders, including Mr. Ferid Murad (Nobel laureate and member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences) and Academician Mr. Qian Xue.



Address: 30 South Renmin Road, Shiyan, Hubei, 442000 China