Qiqihar Medical University(QQMU)

Attribute: Public University
Year Founded: 1946
Started Semester: September



Qiqihar Medical University (QMU), located in the hometown of world-famous red-crowned cranes, stands by the scenic Nenjiang River and is an university of Heilongjiang Province. Founded in 1946, the University has a history of more than 69 years.

Currently, QMU boasts a staff of more than 5,400, including more than 1,000 professors as well as associate professors. The number of enrollment is more than 18,000. The undergraduate education program offers 26 specialties and disciplinary orientations covering the four spectrum of medicine as well as four other disciplines: science, engineering, law and managing.

The University possesses 22 research institutes and academic associations, in which there are the Post-doctoral Research Workstations, the Research and Development Lab and the Key Constructing Lab of Provincial Universities. the technology fruits registration number of our university is in the top flight in recent 3 years.3 Journals are sponsored by the University— Journal of Qiqihar Medical University, Chinese Modern Nursing, and Nervous Diseases and Mental Hygiene, which are issued domestically and abroad. Chinese Modern Nursing is the national publication and the others are the provincial publication.



The University has 11 affiliated hospitals. The beds in the affiliated hospital can meet the needs of clinical teaching and practice to the fullest extent.

QMU lays great emphasis on exchange and cooperation, and has established friendly interscholastic relationships with many universities in United States, Japan, Russia ,Philippines, and etc.



Address: No.333, BuKui Street,JianHua District, Qiqihar,Heilongjiang Province,161006 P.R.China