University of South China

Attribute: Public University
Year Founded:1958
Started Semester: September



University of South China (hereafter USC or the University), is a comprehensive public university with a history of about 60 years, co-funded by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, China National Nuclear Corporation, China Nuclear Engineering Group Corporation, and the People’s Government of Hunan Province.

The University was merged in 2000 by Hengyang Medical College, founded in 1958 and administrated by Hunan Province, Central South Institute of Technology, in 1959, and the 6th Nuclear Institute, in 1962, both administrated by the former Ministry of Nuclear Industry.

One of the yiben, or first tier universities on the Mainland, China, USC enrolls students from the Mainland, Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan and other parts of the world.

The University is home to over 2,500 faculty members, and over 37,000 full-time students, of whom 33,000 are undergraduates and 4000, master or doctor degree candidates.

Situated in Hengyang, a historical and cultural city in central Hunan, China, with a total area of 200 hectares, USC comprises 26 colleges and schools, 4 affiliated hospitals and 21 teaching hospitals.

USC is a chartered training base for Reserve Naval Officers of the People’s Liberation Army.



Morals, Knowledge, Truth, and Ambition



To become an education and research oriented institution with distinctive features--top-notch in the province, high-ranked in the country and well-known in the world.



The University is located in Hengyang, a medium-sized city in China. Halfway between the provincial capitals Guangzhou and Wuhan, it enjoys a very convenient transportation, being a 40-minute train trip away from Changsha, the capital of Hunan province, a 120-minute train trip away from Guangzhou, the international metropolis in the south of China, and a 360-minute train trip away from Beijing, the capital of P. R. China.

Hengyang Nanyue Airport (HNY)(20 km south) has been in operation since the end of 2014.

With Nanyuan Mountains standing north and Xiang River flowing through, Hengyang enjoys a subtropical monsoon climate. The annual average temperature is about 17℃, with an average high of 34 in August and an average low of 3.0 in January. Annually, the city has about 1500 hours of sunshine and an average rainfall of 1300 millimeters, much of which comes during the April-September rainy season.